Pastoral Secrets


Though the wet grass

stains my knees…

And the palm fronds leave

their trails across my


I slow my breath to a whispered


til the secrets that dance invitingly

fade out of sight,

and weave their starlit magic

in this pastoral heaven….

until  the last smile has

faded away….

into the cool


that rests sweetly

beyond time…


David L. Whitman 09/29/2012 from the shade of a tree


25 thoughts on “Pastoral Secrets

  1. Indeed it is a ‘pastoral heaven’ you have captured in this image David. Stunning — and the words just very tranquil and mysterious too. Loved this! ~ Good wishes for a wonderful weekend my friend 🙂 RL

  2. Incredible photo, and “… the/ cool oblivion…/that rests sweetly/beyond time…” suits it so well, or vice versa. The “cool oblivion” and “rests sweetly” are so very pastoral, gentle… even languidly bovine, so perfect here! ~ Lily

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