The Dark Mist


Though I wished it to

remain sealed…

The mist crept insidiously

into my mind…

It entered stealthily,

full of promises…

whispering words of

madness and glee…

The oiled hinges inside

my brain swung wide open

to this icy assault…

My body came alive…

Twitching and groaning…

No longer a child of the day…

But, a true twilight dweller…

Foggy inside and out…

My time of innocence

had passed,

And, a sad smile

tugged at my lips…

as my thoughts

hurtled over the edge…

and the mist….

held sway..

over all..

David L. Whitman 09/30/2012 from the dampness of morning


20 thoughts on “The Dark Mist

  1. I guess many could find glimpses of their own lifestory somehow in this poetry of yours David. I find that true art is never to tell the reader what they ought to see or find, but to just share and let them walk along, and maybe find whatever life itself allready has shown them, but has not yet been revealed. Great writing as always.

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