Joyfully Alone


Alone and untouched…

rising above this watery

wasteland with a delicacy

learned from years

of timidity…

Stretching out, and

trickling open eyelashes

and lids

never before exposed to the

outside world…

And now…

When bathed in this

solar wonderment…

 eyes slowly melting

into rainbow wax…

He wondered why…

in all these years…


never opened them…



David L. Whitman 10/01/2012 from the early morning glow


17 thoughts on “Joyfully Alone

  1. Phenomenal shot David — look at all those hues, reflections – dimensions – oh my!! you may need a blog format that lets you blow these photos up giant size! Poetry is wonderful — right up my alley (as they say)… 😉 R

  2. This is surely one of the lovliest of your shots, what a treasure to have seen this, and caught it..Awesome. The poetry you wrote for it, has the same glow to it…just gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing both.

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