Blood in the Sky


Bursting skyward

out of a field of darkness, and

drifting free

with silken spikes…

Looking back once, before

ripping holes in the heavens….

 each piercing made deeper

and more bloody

because of their barbed nature….

The white mist sailed


dragging its entrails

like a battalion flag…

floating in a stream of crimson ribbons

and carving the air …

in eagerness for one more


until finally sinking….

as the gloom gathered…

desolate and alone…

into the


tired earth…


David L. Whitman 10/03/2012 from under a blood red sky


8 thoughts on “Blood in the Sky

  1. Incredibly beautiful the image! I love it! The poem is sublime! Thank you so much, David, for all your poems so beautiful … so deep …
    You have a very nice weekend, David, along with your family! Cheerful and relaxing! Stefania fondly! 🙂

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