Tears of the Soul


Blinking back the tears

as the pain lances

through my

crooked spine…

The water and sun

feed me,

but still I grow more desolate,

twisted and alone…

The deluge has arrived,

soaking my body in

its dark weeping…

with each ebony drop

making a stain upon

my face…

and every shiver,

leaving its claw marks

deep inside my




David L. Whitman 10/05/2012 sad under the storm…


20 thoughts on “Tears of the Soul

    • Yes. That poor tree is twisted so much….I wish it was. Its a park about thirty minutes away called Lettuce Lake park. Its on a swamp with a river, boardwalk and canoe rentals

  1. Very very nice poem David!
    I like how you felt soul trees, facing many hardships of the time, with dignity, to maintain life even being hurt by them!
    Very beautiful are the trees you’ve captured in photos! the most beautiful!
    Thank you very much for this poem, which to me is a life lesson!
    Be blessed with happiness, David! Have a wonderful day! Stefania welcome! 🙂

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