Into the Land of Secrets


As Stickiness clung

to my heels…

The early morning dew

claimed another victim….

Guided by a beam of

rainbow light…

I pushed through the

last clutching bush

and arrived at a marsh

that had been woven

from the very fabric of the spectrum…

Violet hues and crimson splashes

danced about…

teasing and tempting, whispering, inviting

with sweetest honey breath…

The urge growing, and

with feet not my own…

 I entered the water….

Treading deeper and deeper and then..

Floating on my back…

buoyed up on this mat of colors…

Gazing skyward…

till my body slowly dissolved into

starlit sparkles…

Each one gently splashing into the


to feed and nourish

this patchwork land…

of forbidden..



David L. Whitman 10/07/2012 from the stars of the sky


16 thoughts on “Into the Land of Secrets

  1. Loved it! …especially the “floating on my back,buoyed up on this mat of colors” part. And since I was as in Kancamagus, NH last week, can sense the fathom of each word of this beautiful poetry.


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