The Kindly Ancient



With limbs of drooping velvet

extending from a trunk,

shriveled and wrinkled with age…

The ancient one

slowly drooped under the

weight of years of kindness…

and empathy…

Bowed down under its

own shaded canopy…

Just wishing for someone else

To come…

and carry the weight of this

Atlas like burden

for at least a few moments….

a few days…

or at least enough time…

to sleep the sleep….

of the dead…


David L. Whitman 10/29/2012 from under the canopy…


13 thoughts on “The Kindly Ancient

  1. Marvellous tree and so is poem. Carry the weight of time right and its so heavy.
    P.S. soo glad Sandy is not over there just hoping it was not to rough with ppl up there on north.

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