Out of Step


With the greens of life

all around….

And the sheep lining

up to be counted…

Death held sway in

this beauty pageant…

And finding…

as its precious energy

lay in

scarlet sparkles on the ground…

That its soon to be


made this red plague…

all the more..

worth it…


David L. Whitman 11/07/2012 out of step…



8 thoughts on “Out of Step

  1. For me beauty of autumn is not so much about dying but more closing the chapter for nature, hibernation, recovery, first steps to rebirth something new maybe even more delightful than it was and stronger than year before.
    Nice poem David

  2. David, you say as true, autumn brings so much beauty, every leaf becomes a flower, but also the sadness … – nature changes clothes and goes to sleep. On surrounds us melancholy, nostalgia and hope of a new beginning but, more beautiful and charming!
    Have a wonderful day David! Stefania fondly! 🙂

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