The King of Fluff


On the windup that

carved deep through the land…

The clouds drifted benignly over all…

Ruling with a velvet glove…

Charming many with their version

of cotton candy fluff…

Yet never afraid

to stir up a cyclone…

When the ground walkers…

Who creeped like ants below

got a bit anxious…

or unruly…


David L. Whitman 11/28/2012 looking into the great beyond…


6 thoughts on “The King of Fluff

  1. So beautiful they are as cotton candy fluff or like lost lambs on a medow sky but when they gather they might become one fearless raving unfriendly devestating tropical cyclone which can’t be stoped with human power. Its like life from lamb to cyclone. I like poem very much and photo too of course.

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