Sun Shadows

shadow surprise


The golden surprise

drifted down like a leaf in the fall…

tip toeing from the point of the moon

and floating softly beneath

the stars…

Becoming part of the breeze,

Until it landed gently in

a dry field…

Stretched out its

smoky arms…

And opened its eyes…


the wonders of the land

flowed in like liquid mercury…

Shifting and changing him

from his cool, molten core

to the tips of his

shaded fingers…

Until he dissipated..

In poof of foggy black…

And raining down the happiness

That he had felt

For a few seconds…

That cool…





David L. Whitman 12/02/2012 from the dry of the field


18 thoughts on “Sun Shadows

    • Thank you thank you, Stefania!! Have a wonderful Sunday as well!!!I agree stefania. Every morning feels like a gift and I’m so happy to receive. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  1. I like when words carry me from one line to another sooo smooth that when I come to the end I go back to start to read it again and this poem it sure is like that.

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