Sand and Stones

for miles


Bleached bone white

with silver skin,

The beach stretched out

for miles…

the crunch of sand and stones

became the echo for

every swollen step…

And as I glanced about, I realized that

The archetypes were all here…

And, this piece of shore

was the first….

The model for all who came after…

And all who never were before…

Do you go on forever?  I asked…

As the grains fell from my hands…

The answer you gave was clear…

And, with the knowledge  in my eyes…

 my feet picked up and traveled on…

the beach gently beckoning…

With the feeling of sand and stones a lilting reminder

that forever is much more…

Than it really…



David L. Whitman 12/05/2012 from the sandy shore….




10 thoughts on “Sand and Stones

  1. Wow David ~ a keeper!!! This is just incredible…. Leaves me really thinking about the concept of eternity ~ and where that might be… just like the expansive shoreline! Great work my friend ~ sending love ~ R

  2. Another very inspiring post, David! Everything fascinated me! I like all your posts very much and thank you so much for share with us so much beauty!
    All my respect for all your work, David! Congratulations!
    Bless you David! Stefania fondly! 🙂

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