Tesla Revisited

tesla revisited


Spiraling signals of energies

dance from wire to wire…

Sending surges of intelligent joy

to the lives of everyone lucky

enough to be bathed

in golden light…

Rising into the sky

on bolts of electricity…

Flesh melds optically

in a romantic blend

of organic steel….

Joined together in a cityscape

of people…

Who are not quite human…

But still in need

of the fuel…

that drives..

us all…


David L. Whitman 12/10/2012  gazing to the sky….


8 thoughts on “Tesla Revisited

  1. I completelly fell in this dance from wire to wire, little sparks that jumps all over. Its like magic but its no magic its Tesla. Well on the other hand magic started with Tesla. This one is one of my fav poems.

  2. Very beautiful and inspiring post, David! I love it!

    “of the fuel …

    That drives ..

    us all … ” — very really!

    Have a wonderful Sunday, David! Warm wishes! Stefania! 🙂

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