Spirited away into the heavens

like a bolt of purest light…

Vapor trailed goodness

streaked across the morning sky…

And as the sun rose,

marshmallow sprinkles fell

upon the starving land

feeding the souls

of everyone who had fallen

upon hard times…

And drifted into the craggy rocks of


After all…

This is a season of joy…

and love…

Isn’t it?


David L. Whitman 12/22/2012 from under the skybolt


12 thoughts on “Skybolt

  1. This is the season of joy…and love…isn’t it? What an ending! I think it is if you chose to make it be a season of joy and love. Each person in the world is faced with things that rob them of joy and love they must make the choice to rise above and maintain joy and love in their life. Just my random thoughts….

  2. Unfortunately not everyone is the season of joy and love. There are so many people on this planet who live a very tough life and I’m so sorry for them. I wish I could help, that would bring me what’s great accomplishment, but I’m too weak, too weak to help all people who suffer! Only God can. I can only pray for them!
    Be Blessed, David, the beautiful life, happiness and prosperity! All my respect for you!
    Merry Christmas, David! 🙂

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