Jagged Energy

jagged energy


Spitting jagged energy

while dancing on a thorn’s edge…

Pirouetting in a brutal conceptualized death…

Metal meets flesh

in a hybrid of humanity

both twisted and perfect…

And the shadows laugh greedily…

while their titanium blood

Drips down in a cascade…

pulsing and fusing …

becoming sugary sweet…

and dripping down the throats

of the flowers…

Who were blooming nearby…


David L. Whitman 1/07/2013 twisted metal days…


15 thoughts on “Jagged Energy

  1. holy snaps! where did all this come from? This is a damn! good poem. “Flarf meets Avant-garde”. I love this one a lot.

    Did something inspired you? It brings together something that’s non-conceptual but going against the traditional conceptualism.

  2. Woow this one is so different vivid imagination. I see metal flowers blooming. Roses covered with rain drops shining and bursting in velvet steel in gray landscape. πŸ˜‰

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