Slanted Enchantment

Slanted enchantment

Like thoughts rolling down

a rocky hill…

My slanted and skewed mind

is only understood

by the me who sleeps

deep inside…

And though he laughs and

nods knowingly…

It still pretty much means

that I walk this life

Enchanted by emptiness….

Known by so few…


But alone…


David L. Whitman 1/13/2013 sliding off the trail


14 thoughts on “Slanted Enchantment

  1. so sad poem but I guess we all feel the same sometimes. Who actually know me or you or them? Who knows what is behind the smile? Maybe happiness, loneliness, sadness, despair?
    I like both photo and poem

  2. Great poem, David … end is a little sad – but you write beautifully!

    I do not like loneliness … I do not like loneliness … sometimes there are times when I want to be alone, but that only for a little while … It graoaznica loneliness – simply refuse, to imagine to be in a place isolated, I only ….

    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Warm wishes, David and an exceptional week with your family! Sincerly Stefania! 🙂

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