Shroud White

Shrouded White


Snowflake fairies dance under

a bitter sky….

Grinding and gyrating…

Mixing sincerity and anger

in a rich pot of icy gumbo…

  Gently sliding down on

jagged teeth…

Pierced from within

and pouring forth

crystalline blood…

 Pushed down and trapped under this

 blue rimmed dome…

Pressed and smashed…

and wrung out again…

Til all the me

is washed away…

drifting softly…

into the wind…


David L. Whitman 02/15/2013 for when we feel lost and repressed


10 thoughts on “Shroud White

  1. every stanza injected with powerful metaphors capturing and ejecting the mind outside the box of conventional thought. with my being a doctoral candidate in psychology i can’t help but wonder and marvel at the mechanization of your mind. most interesting poetry… sultry, devastating. i love the beautiful pictures. thank you!

  2. Yaaay new poem :))) missed your poetry. I like the poem its a bit sad but I like it, pressed and smashed those words hurt. Beautiful photo even I hate snow tons of it all around me and sooo cold. I am glad you are back 🙂

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