Life in Pastels

Sunset at Picnic Island


Vintage watercolors

drip down on one

tired evening…

Painting with feathery strokes…

a brush here…

a touch there….

Like the wings of a

slowly dying butterfly

spiraling towards the horizon…

orange meets blue

in a pillow like


Silently battling in the sky…

Until the clouds and sun sink

like scarlet comets…

giving way to the moon…

And its bone like


Laughing silently…

in a suddenly…




David L. Whitman 03/15/2013 on the sea shore….


17 thoughts on “Life in Pastels

  1. Photo is stunning and the poem ahhh the poem I like it so much carried me from one line to another so smooth. I missed your poems. Great to see you back 🙂

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