Through the Tunnel



Spitfire blind

at the edge of dawn….

Tunnel traveling down

the tangle of

light’s threads…

Slowly I gather

myself for a twilight



a grassy pasture…

that I have walked before….

But, despite it’s familiarity….

It’s difficult to avoid becoming

mired in the webs

of past ghosts…

Or to stumble upon

The pits…

Not yet dug…

By future saboteurs…


To drag a person


Into the place…

where they never wished…

to dwell…


David L. Whitman 04/23/2013


9 thoughts on “Through the Tunnel

  1. Beautiful foto, tunnel is lovely because you can see the end of it and you can escape from the ghosts of the past and they can’t drag you down because they are from the past not future and webs can be cut on a million pieces šŸ™‚
    Let’s go and play DG its more fun than sitting in the office šŸ˜›

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