The Sinking Eye

The sinking Eye


Dripping with the slime

of omniscience,

and lacking even a tiny

shred of humility…

The eye bobbed and glowed

just over the horizon…

Aiming its vision here…

and there…

Letting its judgmental ways

wash over all who came near…

Creating a miasma

of uncertainty…

and fear…

Til the world

cleared itself of all the

life within…

Leaving the eye alone….

With its only friend in the world…


Despite his confidence…

wasn’t really there…

at all….

David L. Whitman 05/13/2013 out of the gaze


19 thoughts on “The Sinking Eye

  1. Maybe The Eye is just hiding. Maybe this pride is just disguise for poor lonely eye which is trying to protect it self. Hmmmm maybe I’m just trying to see positive in negative 🙂

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