Digging In



Dug into the Earth with
Land torn asunder…
Like flesh cut by a dull knife…
His hands curled into claws
Only to slide thickly into the ground…
And after each fateful jab….
A scar, he proudly
For all to see…
Even after jagged
Sutures were applied…
By a shaky weathered hand…
From one too old…
To remember hate…
Or, to decide…
Not to love….


David L. Whitman 09/30/2013 in the school yard

8 thoughts on “Digging In

  1. ohhh, I pressed the like button and I got pissed off coz I haven’t seen my gravatar. After clearing my caches and everything, still it doesn’t work, I replaced my avatar with my old one. and viola! My face is there again haha!

    (I just find it sad coz I’ve been away in WP and hitting like on your post without seeing my avatars just pisses me off haha!)

    BTW, What’s with scars? My new posts seems to have such aura too, I don’t know :p

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