Donde Esta El Arroyo??

no more


There is something very wrong

with this…

To stand in the middle

of a creek

fishing rod on hand…

To see that the

stream is no more…

Damp muddy ground

has replaced clear running water

It’s not a good substitute…

I’ve caught fish here

Sat on rocks here

and waded in the water

with my kids…

The water is gone…

The grass is green

in the houses nearby

but here

The water is gone..


David L. Whitman 05/12/2012 from under a sky so blue…


32 thoughts on “Donde Esta El Arroyo??

  1. I love this Sepia shot (that is what it’s called no?) The poem, will the water be coming back? Isn’t it the cycle life goes through? The water will come back. It will.

    • I’ve just never seen this stream dry….everything here is spring fed….It’s not seasonal to dry up…and we do have overwatering issues…an expanding population…and a shrinking aquifer I hope it comes back…we will see…

        • It means… where is the stream/creek? Down here it’s definitely spanish all the way…The languages look fairly similar on paper but they sure don’t sound alike…French sounds beautiful but I just don’t have an ear for it:)

  2. Gosh – this drought is very serious it seems. So sad indeed ~ need to keep focussing on restoration and abundance of water-prayers of sorts. Your photo really captures the feeling of dehydration too David… well done all around. ~ RL

    • It is….but the rainy season can help….but it just gets more and more dry…usually the water level fluctuates , but this isnt texas…We don’t usually have wet weather ponds or streams other than ditches and retention ponds….this creek is always flowing…Anyway…maybe in a month, it will be later…I belive it connects two lakes…

    • Its just a little flowing creek near my house that I occasionally fish in. It always has water and its sad that it doesn’t. Its starting to get cloudy the last few days but not raining. Hope soon 🙂

  3. Very powerful visual and a great statement. Love the last lines!

    This bothers me so much. It has been off and on drought conditions around where I live for years. Yet, the yards are all lavish green, while the birds go searching to quench their thirst!

  4. the thing you can catch there are rocks! those kinds are very prevalent here in our country…reaching extremes, either La Niña or El Niño…both were very destructive in our then fertile soil…climate change has getting back on us now 😦

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